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Public Version

  • Low cost and feature rich solution to ride quality monitoring
  • No central power is needed, runs on phone batteries.
  • Multiple sensors can be deployed without wiring.
  • All you need is an Android cell phone and the RQM software. 
  • Records acceleration with time and location into standard comma delimited file format so that data can be used in many tools including Google Maps, Excel, MATLAB, and Optram.
  • Analytic tools are included providing:
    • Fourier analysis to determine vibration frequency
    • Ride Quality Index calculation for length of survey
    • Thresholding for alerts when ride quality exceeds limits

Professional Version

  • Cellular activation or data plan not required, RQM automatically uploads data when WiFi connection is available.
  • Cloud based storage and visualization of ride quality surveys.
    • Secure and private storage and access to ride quality data
    • Combine data from multiple devices and users.
    • View history of ride quality.
    • Find trends of changes over time. 
  • Linear data visualization
  • Data alignment