Now there is a powerful Android App to 
help you detect and track the history of car body accelerations.
  • Collects 3-Axis accelerations.
  • Correlates location and time information.
  • Saves measurements to file.
  • Retrieve surveys in CSV format. 
  • Load results into: 
    • MATLAB, 
    • Bentley Optram® or 
    • Microsoft Excel® for further processing.

Acceleration Monitoring is the correlation of a 
vehicle’s vibration to the vehicle/track 
interaction forces for detecting 
issues on the track or of the vehicle. 
While modern day track inspection is 
typically performed at routine intervals 
using dedicated geometry measurement 
cars, hi-rail vehicles and/or manual 
inspections, these methods are 
expensive and performed infrequently 
due to cost. Car Body Acceleration data, however, can be gathered at a significantly lower 
cost point, much more frequently and 
greater areas may be covered (i.e., every 
time a train is in service). Augmenting 
traditional track inspection technologies 
with day-to-day acceleration data provides 
rail carriers with more up-to-date 
situational awareness of their tracks 
and their vehicles and may improve 
overall operational safety.

Data can be loaded into Bentley's Optram® product for linear visualization and further processing.